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Having Fun

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Steve Eley
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One of the coolest things I can be proud of is that a lot of people feel like they know me before they've met me. I'm the editor and publisher of Escape Pod, the science fiction podcast magazine, and publisher of Pseudopod, the horror podcast magazine (with more to come soon). I'm also a widely known smartass in podcasting circles, and a lesser-known smartass in writing and science fiction circles.

I talk about that here sometimes. More often I talk about my personal life: my wife Anna (afeley), my sweetie (cunningminx -- she does the Polyamory Weekly podcast), my son Alex, etc. And you'll get a lot of cleaning check-in posts, because a very nice friend of mine has offered to kick my ass to make me clean my own house to make Anna happy.

I put some personal stuff behind friend filters, but I'm not complex or secretive about it. It's just to keep it off of Google. I have few secrets of my own, though plenty of other people's. If you friend me, I will almost certainly friend you back unless I have some reason not to. So welcome to the conversation.

Have Fun.

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